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bitmap, vector & pixelate icons 
08:53pm 10/02/2007
we're trying to search LJ users, who is interested in icons for web, software etc.
if you the one, Welcome!
03:41pm 24/02/2006
  hello :)

I have two short animated flash films available to watch on line, listed under 'Richard Beeminster - Flash MX'


It's very basically a surreal and humorous detective series :D



Crack Whore(?) 
05:19pm 10/11/2004
mood: okay
Pretty, pretty little girl,
How innocent are you?
Playing with your dolls,
Under a sky of blue.

Pretty, pretty little girl,
What a pretty world,
Full of beautiful people,
Just like you little girl.

Pretty, pretty little girl,
What happend to your friends?
Now they're a little older,
Introduced to brand-new trends.

Pretty, pretty little girl,
Do you have a new world too?
Full of all kinds of things,
You know you shouldn't do.

Pretty, pretty little girl,
What happend to your smile?
Replaced by scratch marks and bags,
And being high for awhile.

Pretty, pretty little girl,
Do you still like your life?
Or is there something you're trying to tell me,
With that blood-soaked knife?

So, what do ya'll think? I'm not sure about the title... so if you have a better idea for one, lemme know.
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11:17pm 29/10/2004
mood: pleased
so, this one is from September 20th ( when i started writing it) and ive decided to post it, my friend absolutely...likes it... and im pleased with it. what d'ya think?

You make me so happy,
That I'm sad.
You make me feel so beautiful,
That I'm ugly.
I love you so much,
That I hate you.
You make me feel so valued,
That I'm worthless.
You make me so proud,
That I'm ashamed.
You make me enjoy life so much,
That I'm suicidle.
I think your so great,
You bastard.

Im working on another one, however, it's not finished and i think i want to work on it some more before i post it in here. Tell me what you think!
*checks it all out* 
07:38pm 28/10/2004
mood: relaxed
*EEE* im happy now. Ive joined it. i figured it out. Yup i grew a brain cell. how sad. anyways i guess im really not sure which one of my poems to post in here first... i kinda have a little collection of poems from the past... couple of weeks and maybe ill put them in here...
Last night i watched the movie Thirteen, it about two chicks and theyre (go figure) thirteen and they get SO messed up on drugs and shit. And the one girl was REAL pretty before all of it. and so this kinda... chant thing popped into my head.
"What happend to your pretty face? Your nothing more then self-desgrace"
What do you think? I think i should turn it into a poem. I wish i could write song lyrics because i had a kinda song thing going on with it and i think it could be an amazing song if i knew how to write one.
All Things Worth Hating 
07:17pm 06/04/2004
mood: gloomy

All Things Worth Hating


I hated being your girl

And now I hate being no-one's

O, how the sun rose and it shone

How well I hid all those tears in my eyes

I still hate the time when the world seemed lovely


I hate every inch of your face

Flawed and tainted with memories of my kiss

O, your beauty never really shone too bright

How foolish I am for all things I was thankful for

I hate to think I was thanking you


I hate the way your gifts I still adore

The ripples of my skirt, O, they remind me, so, of you

Thinking of the nights I spent being your faithful little whore

Just to stand by your side and look like I'm worth it


I hate the bloody letters

The Surreal Love Poems

Nothing of it matters

So sugarcoated, O, so sweet

I hate the things I used to say just for The Treat


I hate, with passion, all your words

All your thoughts and all the bullshit

Tell me I was worth it

I am worth all things worth hating

'Cuz I hate you, darlin'

And you're nothing

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creative writing class, senior year. 
03:45pm 22/07/2002
mood: energetic
I wrote this last year, but I just found it in an old journal of mine. Hope you like it.
Seven Times Three

The sky was turning darker and darker as the sun slowly began to set behind the tall ominous mountains. The air was chilling on this late fall evening. The swirling leaves fluttered up and down in front of the tired girl who was steadily trudging up a hill in the small lonely town in which she lived. Bright oranges, flashy yellows, brilliant reds, and drab browns blended together in front of her eyes. The leaves formed a moving rainbow, cutting towards her face and swerving away in the nick of time. She looked up at the sky, and with a silent sigh, dug her hands down deeper in her coat pockets."Only a few more blocks and I'll be home," she thought to herself, staring down at the sidewalk. "If I keep my eyes down, the time will go faster."

Finally, she reached the top of the hill, Twenty-one, Crawford Lane. Quickly she took the front steps two-at-a-time, nearly tripping on the crumbling cement as her feet stomped down hard, and threw open the heavy oak door. Darkness surrounded her. When she went over to the light switch and flipped it up, nothing happened. She flipped it down again, still nothing. She started to unzip her puffy blue coat, but shivered and zipped it up higher instead. "I swear I turned the heat on before I left this morning!" She pulled her short dark brown hair out from under the back of her coat as she stumbled into the kitchen to find the breaker box.

Lying on the kitchen table was a folded-up note with 'Alexis' scribbled across the front. A lit candle was setting on the corner of the paper like a paperweight. Slowly she reached for the note, carefully sliding the Apple-spice candle out of the way. The wax was liquefied over two inches deep; apparently whoever left her this note had left it quite a while ago. She unfolded the note and leaned in closer to the flickering flame to see what was written. 'Seven times three, don't wait for me' was sloppily etched very small on the paper in deep red pen. Perplexed, she dropped the note back on the table and tried to make some sense of the words.

"Seven times three? What does that mean? Whom am I supposed to not wait for?" She wondered as she made her way to the breaker box and flicked on the master power switch. Nothing happened; the power was dead. "That’s odd, I wonder what is wrong?" As she started to turn around to look for a flashlight, a shiny flash of light caught her eye. For a millisecond her bright blue eyes turned cold white with panic, but her smooth sense of brevity calmed her down almost instantly.

She went across the room and found her sparkly star and moons calendar hanging on the wall. Suddenly it crashed to the floor, causing Alexis to scream. "I'm becoming paranoid in my own house, what is wrong with me," she muttered to herself, bending over to pick up the heap of paper now lying at her feet. Gasping for breath, she looked down to see the twenty-first circled in the same blood red ink with a big 'X' drawn over the date. "Seven times three equals twenty one; today’s date..." Just as she turned around another flash caught her eye, but this time, she didn't see anything afterwards.

It was nearly three days before anyone came to look for her; three whole days she laid lifeless on the floor in the dark. Her blue coat was now deep red and the words 'I told you not to wait' were scribbled in dry cracked blood across the wall.
while you were out.. i called. 
04:56pm 18/07/2002
  I would have left my number
if I thought you would have called,
but it doesn't seem to matter
who I am to you at all.

You stumble and you stutter
until your sentences run dry;
won't you come a little closer
so you can almost see me cry.

I think I could have loved you
maybe let you be the one,
but I'm the one left standing
with a trigger and the gun.

Heres hoping you get my message
I've left it by your phone
so when they call to tell you,
you will already know.
only thing i could write all week @ the beach 
02:52pm 14/07/2002
  The world's ocean is my paradise,
a place to remove myself
from everything I cannot control.
Waves crashing,
sand shifting,
under the footprints of lovers
hand in hand.
Footprints washed away
by the ever rolling tide.

I feel so small when standing at the brink of a wave.
Just gazing out into the vast abundance of life barreling in.

I am bigger than the ocean
stronger than any wave.
I am not limited to a high tide
nor am I required to fall to the lowest I can go.
I'm as ever changing as the sand that shifts and molds
under my feet
as I walk with you
along the boundary of sand and water,
stability and freedom.
yet another... i'm sorry... 
01:56am 23/06/2002
mood: accomplished
It was a small house for two larger than life people. But it suited them. It was like playing house only on a more serious note.

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just another story... 
01:46am 23/06/2002
mood: bored

Dawn came pretty quickly. She slowly opened her eyes and breathed in the salty air that wafted through the open windows.

Sitting up, she carelessly let the sheets fall from her body, the warm breeze fanning her bare skin. She always loved coming to this place. It embodied freedom and she needed to feel that more than anything.

She stood up and walked to the sliding doors, opened them and stepped out onto the porch, not minding that she's still without clothes on.

The air outside was refreshing, freeing.. caressing her skin in the most sensitive places. She walked towards the hammock and arranged the pillows, sitting between them with her knees drawn close to her body. Looking towards the beach, she spotted a man walking aimlessly along the shoreline.

"That's no way to enjoy the beauty of early mornings," she thought to herself.

She went inside her room, grabbed her sarong and slipped into it, wrapping the ends behind her neck.

Quickly, she walked towards the beach, ready to explore the possibilites of the beautiful early morning.
repost from old journal 
01:28am 23/06/2002
mood: accomplished
there wasn't enough time for the car to swerve. the force of the impact threw her body ten feet into the air. she landed with a sickening thud, dead even before she hit the pavement.

he got out, knees trembling, tears streaming down his face, near-hysteria etched prominently on his features. he kept slapping himself in the face as if to forcefully wake him up to stop the nightmare that just happened. the bright red welts did nothing but magnify the horridness of the situation.

tentatively he walked towards the now-crumpled, misshapen body of a once living creature.

his eyes, scanning the ground, he saw her parcels scattered along the road, a bag here, a book, a watch that looked oddly familiar. he stopped and picked it up, thinking how odd it was that it seemed intact. he held it to his ear, the faint ticking indicating that it has survived the tragedy.

he stood up straight again and continued walking towards her.

cars were whizzing past him, oblivious to his pain, her death.

thoughts of incarceration danced inside his head. that he could bear, that he could survive. but what about his jenny? how would she take this, how would she regard him, now that he has carelessly taken a life? the possibility of them separating because he was too stupid to pay attention to the road was eating him up with fear.

she would be frantic with worry. dinner would be cold by the time he makes it home.

with jenny on his mind, he walked faster. his motions mechanical, his thoughts already going through the procedure of picking her up, calling for help and then calling jenny to tell her to meet him at the police station.

three feet, two, one... he forced his eyes to look at the broken form on the pavement. what he saw took his breath away, and he fell down on his knees, his cries like that of an animal caught in a trap of metal teeth.

it took a long time before he could function again. he walked slowly to his car, picked up his phone and dialed a number.

"hello, 911? i'd like to report an accident. yes.. i'm at route 23 just past the all-night mart. a woman has been hit... yes... yes.. i will wait. what? oh of course, my name is brandon peterson and the woman's name is jenny... jenny carlson... my jenny."

i'm moving all my stories to this lj... so forgive the multiple postings
04:00pm 16/06/2002
  *Midnight Demon of Desire*
6.14.02 // 12:53AM

Darkened image in the mirror,
greet temptations shunned by day.
Let down your hair, your guard,
and invite his masculinity to take over.

Succumb to his wants
and your own.
He needs you as you need him;
two blind energies looking to unite.

He desires your body,
you his heart;
for one selfish moment you believe
you have each other

Protect yourself,
For there's no tricking this midnight demon.
He will steal all that is you,
inside and out,
from your cataclysmic slumber.
11:49am 16/06/2002
mood: bouncy
alright people...

join nefas_rules

because you know you want to, and if you don't already know this wonderful woman, pffft what's keeping you?

'nuff said.

join already!
02:13pm 13/06/2002
  I was reading through some of my earlier poems last night, and figured I'd post a few.

proceed with cautionCollapse )
10:33am 06/06/2002
  The massive weight of
morning weighs heavily
on thick-lidded eyes
Giving way slowly
As afternoon
sneaks between half-open blinds
wearing morning's
To drip lazily on the rug
like spilled honey.

~Mickel Wood
10:07pm 03/06/2002
mood: complacent
Looking at you
makes my knees
go weak
and my heart
flutter beyond
my control
and my body
for the pleasure
of your arms
wrapped around it,
my knees buckle
and my heart breaks
and every part of me aches
because you feel none of it
for me.
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06:39pm 20/05/2002
mood: content
Haven't had any recent inspiration, but I was going through some of my older stuff, and this has always been one of my favorite poems, so I wanted to share.
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First post... 
05:28pm 12/05/2002
mood: hungry
Hi, it's my first time posting in here, but I think I've put it off long enough. *LoL* Anyway, for your reading pleasure (short as it may be):

The taste of you
So stubborn on my tongue
Caught in the back of my throat
I cough and sputter-
Try to spit you out
But I swallow instead...

   I feel so misled.
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exhibit A 
03:41am 07/05/2002
  my body lies upon cascading waters
gently bearing me down
this star-filled stream.
i do not seek the currents
any longer, instead i only
wish to dip my fingers into the water
and watch the trees past overhead
the stars a blanket over them
feel my legs twist about yours
smiling wistfully in the blue glow
that emanates around the dark pools
of your eyes looking back into mine
thoughts rippling in those pools
layers revealing layer
sharing laughter, pained memories
the source of all our strengths
and the shadows of our weaknesses
my energy wonders curiously
as fingertips dripping with emotion
caress upon your cheeks,
and take in your openness.
come and float away with me
let us see where this path take us.
is your spirit willing, find what is awaiting.

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