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All Things Worth Hating

All Things Worth Hating


I hated being your girl

And now I hate being no-one's

O, how the sun rose and it shone

How well I hid all those tears in my eyes

I still hate the time when the world seemed lovely


I hate every inch of your face

Flawed and tainted with memories of my kiss

O, your beauty never really shone too bright

How foolish I am for all things I was thankful for

I hate to think I was thanking you


I hate the way your gifts I still adore

The ripples of my skirt, O, they remind me, so, of you

Thinking of the nights I spent being your faithful little whore

Just to stand by your side and look like I'm worth it


I hate the bloody letters

The Surreal Love Poems

Nothing of it matters

So sugarcoated, O, so sweet

I hate the things I used to say just for The Treat


I hate, with passion, all your words

All your thoughts and all the bullshit

Tell me I was worth it

I am worth all things worth hating

'Cuz I hate you, darlin'

And you're nothing

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