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*checks it all out*

*EEE* im happy now. Ive joined it. i figured it out. Yup i grew a brain cell. how sad. anyways i guess im really not sure which one of my poems to post in here first... i kinda have a little collection of poems from the past... couple of weeks and maybe ill put them in here...
Last night i watched the movie Thirteen, it about two chicks and theyre (go figure) thirteen and they get SO messed up on drugs and shit. And the one girl was REAL pretty before all of it. and so this kinda... chant thing popped into my head.
"What happend to your pretty face? Your nothing more then self-desgrace"
What do you think? I think i should turn it into a poem. I wish i could write song lyrics because i had a kinda song thing going on with it and i think it could be an amazing song if i knew how to write one.
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