m/screw (mentalscrew) wrote in fishtank,

exhibit A

my body lies upon cascading waters
gently bearing me down
this star-filled stream.
i do not seek the currents
any longer, instead i only
wish to dip my fingers into the water
and watch the trees past overhead
the stars a blanket over them
feel my legs twist about yours
smiling wistfully in the blue glow
that emanates around the dark pools
of your eyes looking back into mine
thoughts rippling in those pools
layers revealing layer
sharing laughter, pained memories
the source of all our strengths
and the shadows of our weaknesses
my energy wonders curiously
as fingertips dripping with emotion
caress upon your cheeks,
and take in your openness.
come and float away with me
let us see where this path take us.
is your spirit willing, find what is awaiting.

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