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just another story...

Dawn came pretty quickly. She slowly opened her eyes and breathed in the salty air that wafted through the open windows.

Sitting up, she carelessly let the sheets fall from her body, the warm breeze fanning her bare skin. She always loved coming to this place. It embodied freedom and she needed to feel that more than anything.

She stood up and walked to the sliding doors, opened them and stepped out onto the porch, not minding that she's still without clothes on.

The air outside was refreshing, freeing.. caressing her skin in the most sensitive places. She walked towards the hammock and arranged the pillows, sitting between them with her knees drawn close to her body. Looking towards the beach, she spotted a man walking aimlessly along the shoreline.

"That's no way to enjoy the beauty of early mornings," she thought to herself.

She went inside her room, grabbed her sarong and slipped into it, wrapping the ends behind her neck.

Quickly, she walked towards the beach, ready to explore the possibilites of the beautiful early morning.
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