Syrhius (syrhius) wrote in fishtank,

I was reading through some of my earlier poems last night, and figured I'd post a few.


I once was a star
Among many other stars
Some shone brighter than me
And some did not
Some pulsed erratically
And others glowed constant
Some seemed they'd go on forever
And others flickered and went out
Then I looked closer and I realized
That the other stars
Were only an illusion -
The light I saw was all my own
Shining through the people I love
And those whose lives I have touched


Where miles of hard black ribbon
Pass by in minutes
The scenery gone
Before you have a chance
To appreciate the beauty of nature
It's a mad race-
People speeding by in their sports cars
With the pedal to the floor
But if they would slow down
And take a look at what
They're passing by,
Perhaps sports cars
Wouldn't be so popular.



In a world
Where love
is disguised
and hidden
and shunned,
I am an outcast.


You ask me if I'll still love you
And I say
Never comes...
Let me love you


I pause in stillness
Mock death
No breath
And listen willingly
As you whisper

Like a cool breeze
Shakes the trees,
You make me fall
To my knees.


Faded blue jeans
Casual white shirt
Sitting across the room
Piercing blue eyes
Casual smile
I watch with hopeful heart.


Let there be darkness
And we will make love
I'll touch your body
And your soul
These shadows will
conceal us
From their disapproving words.


My life is a stage
Many people act upon me
Some for good, some for bad
Each has their own unique style
And I learn a very important lesson
From each and every one:
Don't let people walk all over you
Or all you'll ever be is a stage.


Each day I feel more alive
Each moment increases my drive
Just think of all the places I can go...
Just think of all the faces I can know...
Just think of all the races I can win...

But don't forget the places that I've been.


In your smile, the world spins
It dances on your lips
And echoes back into your throat.
It traces the curve of your
And reflects itself in your eyes.
It touches the tip of your tongue
And follows the arch of your back
To the square of your jaw.
It circles your chest.
It rolls around your waist
And slides down your legs
To be kicked by your feet.
It squishes between your toes
And pulses in your fingers.
It flows in your veins
and makes itself at home
In your heart.
Oh how I wish I was the world.


My mind spins out a long silver trail.
My hands form this glowing, pulsing trail into words
And my eyes make sure they fit together.
I hang my hopes, dreams, passions, desires and fears
From this delicate silver trail
And around comes the butterfly of your mouth
To suck it all up


His spear-tipped eyes
Rip me apart
Pieces of me
Float in the water of love
My tears merge
With the salt of his words
And my heart lies
With the beauty of his body.



Vodka and honey never mixed well
When pink daffodils
Poked their heads out to see the sun
And a face of warm, worn ivory
Stared into my eyes with deep regret

Oh, swing those empty fists
Like small children
But don't seek revenge
On my precious drum-
How can I dance
Without rhythm?

Take away this numbness
I don't want to feel abstract anymore
Give me a destination
Where I can discover you again
And these years of you will pass
Into more than just memories.



Pacing through the alleyways of my mind
Dark shadows chasing me through myself
I think a thousand different thoughts...
Of completeness-
Finding all the lost pieces to the puzzles in my cabinets,
Of running through the wet innocent streets
And leaving my clothes at home,
Of, occasionally, you.
I watch as the ink flows sensuously around me
Down into my hands
Channeling through my fingertips
In a relentless effort to make you understand
I mourn for the thin blue daggers that
Slashed away at my wrists
Bleeding away my inability to trust myself.
And I walk around
Thick and muddy, but
Still able to climb into the night sky
Like dry grey ashes on a fiery wind.
I'm still waiting, not quite able to let you go.


If I knew you much better
I'd know you too well
I could name every preference
And label your smell
I could answer their questions
Just like it was you
Each day I'd awaken
And know what you do

If I knew you much better
I'd know how you feel
I would be deep inside you
I'd watch as you heal
I could tell me you love me
And know it was true
And each day I awakened
I'd know what you knew

If I knew you much better
I'd hear every thought
I would sneak through your bedroom
And never get caught
But I lost you too early
I no longer know
Who's this person I love
Why did I let him go?



A force
Much stronger than love
Is pulling us together
Kind of like gravity
The cells inside me
Yearn to revolve around
The light in your eyes.

An explosion when we kiss
A fire burns underneath my skin
And I'm a clear sky
When it comes to how I feel
About you.

But, like astronauts search for
Life beyond Earth,
I wanted to experience things that were
Beyond the horizon of you.
Now I'm back
(post re-entry)
And I know that
There's nothing better than your
Knowing each footstep is
A solid one.
And that you'll never let me go.

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